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Industry influence
  In the early 1990s, when automatic hydraulic press was still an unsurmountable difficulty in China, Haiyuan successfully developed China's first 1000T press. Since then, her fate has been closely linked with ceramics, and with the development and growth of China's press, in 1994, the first 1000T ceramic automatic press (national identification), In 1997, the first automatic press of 1600 tons (national appraisal), in 1998, the first automatic press of 2600 tons (provincial appraisal), in 2000, the first automatic press of 3600 tons (provincial appraisal), in 2001, the first automatic press of 1000 tons square permeable brick (provincial appraisal), The first 1000t wall brick automatic press in 2003 (provincial appraisal)...... All these are important milestones for China and have accumulated strong technical strength for Haiyuan

  With innovative strategic thinking, leading technical advantages, stable product performance, and perfect marketing services, Haiyuan has performed one development myth after another in China's pressure manufacturing industry. More than 400 acres of modern garden-style new plant, the area of 50,000 square meters of the first workshop was raised, is one of the world's main hydraulic machine production base. Relying on the comprehensive strength of the new factory and new technology, in 2008, Haiyuan launched a new model -- 90 series ceramic tile automatic hydraulic press, which has improved the performance and reliability of the press to a greater extent and reached the advanced level of similar press at home and abroad.