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Full automatic hydraulic press for permeable square brick

Full automatic hydraulic press for permeable square brick

       Ecological ceramic permeable square brick,isFujian Haiyuan Composite Material Technology Co., LTDTo advance the strategic vision, in order to prevent urban surface hardening, achieve atmospheric circulation and water and soil moisture, create high-quality living environment, maintain the balance of urban ecology and launched environmental protection building materials products. The product is made of slag waste, ceramic waste, waste glass as raw materials, after high temperature firing, water permeability and water retention are excellent, with anti-slip, high strength, cold resistance, weathering and other excellent characteristics, is tested by the national testing center of engineering and green building materials recommended products, all the performance indicators are superior. The product has been widely used in architecture, infrastructure, landscape art and many other fields abroad.

       The use of ceramic waste brick, because of the special formula, for the process, machinery and equipment have high requirements.Fujian Haiyuan Composite Material Technology Co., LTDWith 30 years of accumulation, in the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, and the authority of scientific research units to establish long-term strategic partnership, in 2001 to develop ecological ceramic permeable square line, the key working procedure to achieve the production of automatic, accurate, efficient and reliable control, high cost performance, greatly promoted the domestic ceramics waterproof square brick production technology progress, It is the innovation of ceramic production technology. 

Models   HB1600
Nominal pressure   16000kN
Maximum jacking force   400kN
Maximum stroke of moving beam   560mm
Minimum spacing between moving beam and base   550mm
Column clearance   1700mm
Maximum packing depth   130mm
Main oil pump motor power   110kW
Hydraulic fluid capacity   1400L
The weight   65t
(Note: the above technical data are subject to change without prior notice.)

Ecological ceramic permeable square brick

Imitation brick
The product mainly said that the use of ceramic waste and all kinds of ceramic chemical raw materials after ball grinding, through spray drying tower granulation, due to automatic hydraulic machine molding, sintering products at high temperature. The product said imitation stone processing, with realistic stone effect, its physical and chemical indicators have reached the national building sanitary ceramics quality supervision and inspection center testing standards.


Blind path brick for visual impairment
Special guide brick (non-permeable, permeable optional)


Permeable brick color sample