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Service concept
We do more for you on the road to success...
After 30 years of professional service accumulation, Haiyuan currently has 21 after-sales service outlets, forming a "5S service system" with comprehensive competitive advantages and wholeheartedly, making you satisfied throughout the process!

5S service system
- Knowledge SaleKnowledge Sale:
Provides added value beyond equipment. Haiyuan technical service personnel provide customers with systematic services such as material property research, formula optimization, planning and design, project implementation, equipment installation and commissioning, and production of qualified products.
- Maintenance ServiceMaintenance Service:
Provide assistance anytime, anywhere. Haiyuan's comprehensive service network and 24-hour star service concept solve problems for customers in a timely manner and ensure the operation of the entire line.
- Accessory SupplyAccessory Supply:
Guaranteed continuous production. Starting from small things, thinking about what customers think, and worrying about what customers are worried about, Haiyuan's overseas customer service departments and spare parts warehouses solve spare parts problems for customers in a timely manner.
- Information SummarizationInformation Summarization:
Provide thoughtful communication. Haiyuan Customer Service Center establishes each user file, records the operation status of the equipment, and understands the needs of customers, so as to improve the quality of personalized service.
- Technical SupportTechnical Support:
  Provide long-term development support. Haiyuan technical service personnel provide customers with whole-line services combining technology and equipment, allowing customers to maximize their investment returns and become long-term partners.